Mattress Work
2022 - ongoing

This series of sculptural works references both the mats that are often laid out on the floor in refugee centers, and the mats that were used in primary schools at nap time in communist Poland. The work is informed by my personal history as a child refugee and my experience as a member of a diaspora. The mattress-like works are covered in textiles that are sewn together using vintage patterns and digitally printed fabrics.

In their form and scale, these works directly reference the body, with other associations that can change depending on the works’ placement. They can evoke precarity, preparedness, a disembodied domestic space –  and also be a place of rest. I have started experimenting with the rectangular, mattress-like forms by grouping them and positioning them into awkward shapes using armatures and twine. I also have a large catalog of imagery and patterns that I intend to use in future works for this series, along with screen-printed elements and material sourced at flea markets.

Orange Crush
2022. Upholstery foam, digitally printed and quilting cotton. 28 x 33 x 10” (71 x 84 x 25cm)

2022. Upholstery foam, digitally printed cotton and polyester. 36 x 70 x 3.5” (91 x 178 x 9cm)

Untitled (Bedsheet)
2022. Upholstery foam, bed sheet, digitally printed cotton. 36 x 70 x 3.5” (91 x 178 x 9cm)

2022. Upholstery foam, vintage polyester scarves, printed cotton. 30 x 70 x 2” (76 x 178 x 5cm)