Feral Fabric
Textile workshops and Online Journal


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Feral Fabric is the collaborative project of artists Paulina Berczynski and Amanda Walters. It is a platform for highlighting radical textile production in art, activism, and countercultural movements. As Feral Fabric, we bring forward ideas, conversations, workshops and projects that combine our interests in textiles, contemporary art, and personal and cultural transformation.

Feral Fabric supports critical thinking about capitalist and socially-normative structures, and promotes inclusion of progressive voices and values. Since 2018 we have published Feral Fabric Journal, an online scholarly, periodic journal devoted to radical textiles.

From 2018-2022, Feral Fabric led textile-based workshops with California institutions including Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley Art Center, Southern Exposure’s Youth Advisory Council, and NIAD Art Center. From 2020-2022 Feral Fabric focused on the participatopry project Story Quilts, a narrative quilting and DIY craft project with unhoused individuals and communities in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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