Artist Statement


Paulina Berczynski is a Polish-American artist working in textile media, social practice, printmaking and design. Her work often employs fabric to facilitate exchange between people from different backgrounds and communities. She is influenced by traditional forms such as quilts and domestic crafts, movements for social justice, utopianism (with all of its personal and cultural complications), and the aesthetics and resistance of occupied 1970-80s Poland.

Paulina maintains a studio practice and writes about radical textiles for Feral Fabric Journal, where she is also co-founder and art director. She recently completed a Fulbright Fellowship to study the Polish School of Textiles in Łódż. She is 2022 recipient of Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure grant for Feral Fabric Journal, and of a 2023 Prelinger Library residency focusing on California’s communes and back-to-the-land movements. In April 2024, She will be part of Zusa’s What’s Next Residency, working through the seemingly disparate concepts of artist mental health and building solidarity in Europe.

Paulina has lectured on contemporary textile art at the university level in the United States and in Poland. She has written for Textile: A Journal of Cloth and Culture (based in the UK), and received an artist grant from the City of Berkeley to create participatory story quilts in support of housing rights. Both individually and as half of Feral Fabric, she has led textile-based workshops with California institutions such as High Desert Test Sites, Berkeley Art Museum, NIAD Art Center and Southern Exposure. In her previous career, Paulina worked as an art director for clients including Lucky Strike and Bust Magazine. FluffyCo, her sustainable lifestyle brand, was distributed internationally in 300+ outlets and made custom products for stores such as Target, Urban Outfitters, and Crate&Barrel.

She is based in Berlin.

Contact: pzberczynski_gmail.com 

> previous design work as FluffyCo