Paulina Berczynski is an artist and designer working primarily in textiles, printmaking and digital media. Her work combines traditional and folk textiles with Polish ephemera from the time of the Soviet occupation. She is influenced by social justice movements, psychedelia, and a West Coast sensibility. Paulina maintains a collaborative crafts-based relational project with artist Amanda Walters, and writes about radical textiles for the Feral Fabric journal.

Paulina spent her early years in the factory city of Lodz, Poland, a former commercial textile production hub for the USSR. Her family left Poland as refugees in 1980, fleeing martial law, Over the next decade her family moved frequently, finding community in wild intellectual Polish diasporas (think basement parties and accordion dance music) in Canada and the US.

After attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Paulina started her career in art direction and event design. She then established an international design-centric lifestyle brand where she was the designer for 15 years. In her design career, Paulina has worked with brands including Puma, Lucky Strike, Target, Urban Outfitters and Crate&Barrel.

More recently, Paulina earned an MFA in Fine Art from California College of the Arts. She has since written critically for Textile: A Journal of Cloth and Culture (based in the UK), and received an individual artist grant from the City of Berkeley to do work combining housing rights and traditional folk textiles and crafts. She has led textile workshops with institutions including HIgh Desert Test Sites, Berkeley Art Museum, NIAD Art Center and Southern Exposure.