Paulina Berczynski is a creative professional, working primarily as a visual designer and artist. She came into her current practice after years as an art director, and a decade as design and strategy lead for her sustainable lifestyle brand FluffyCo. Paulina works to cultivate beauty, exchange, and collectivity through all of her projects. She is based in California.

Paulina spent her early years in the derelict textile factory town of Lodz, Poland, and left the country with her parents as refugees escaping martial law in 1980. Over the next decade, her family moved frequently seeking financial stability, finding support and community in wild intellectual Polish diasporas (think basement parties and accordion dance music) in Canada and the US.

After attending Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Paulina started her career in art direction, editorial and event design. She then established FluffyCo, an international fashion and lifestyle brand. She is an expert in Adobe creative suite and many types of visual content creation, and is skilled in screen and Riso printing as well as repeat patterns for surface design. In her career, Paulina has managed contractors and teams, styled photo shoots, managed supply chains and overseen large-scale sustainable apparel and accessories production. She has worked with brands including Puma, Lucky Strike, Target, Urban Outfitters and Crate&Barrel. More recently, Paulina earned an MFA in Fine Art from California College of Art. She has since written critically for Textile: A Journal of Cloth and Culture (based in the UK), and received an individual artist grant from the City of Berkeley. She maintains a studio practice and has done textile workshops with institutions including HIgh Desert Test Sites, Berkeley Art Museum, NIAD Art Center and Southern Exposure.

Paulina credits her complicated upbringing with giving her critical thinking skills, determination, and a global perspective along with expanding her idea of what is possible. Through her varied projects, Paulina works to foster communication and exchange to bridge the divide between diverse people and communities. She sees creative experimentation and alternative world building as necessary challenges to normative social structures, and as a way to push past boundaries to make really interesting, innovative work. Paulina donates a portion of profits from her project Wavy Matter to support public art projects. Her collaborative project Feral Fabric (with artist Amanda Walters) works to support self-expression by and reframe perceptions around unhoused people in the Bay Area.

Paulina is based in California, splitting her time between her studio in Berkeley, the desert outside Joshua Tree, and her off-grid compound in the woods near Nevada City.

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