We Can Be Heroes:
Cape Making and Wearables at 48HRS Neukolln


In dressing up we create and embody a character of our choosing- we can celebrate our community, show a bit of our hidden self, or take on the identity of a superhero. 

This workshop– based on the festival's theme of play as a metaphor for social life, rules, and roles– is the first project I presented in Berlin. I provided a collaborative and exploratory space for participants to play with identity by making and wearing capes and creative garments. I also provided participants with sewing tools and trims, various fabrics and pre-cut capes to use as stencils.

Participants experimented with, altered, and combined these materials. They then took photos in their creations or even wore them out into the city when they were done creating.

Held on June 24 beside the Kindl art museum during the Berlin public art festival 48Hrs Neukolln

Photo Gallery