Wavy Matter
Bringing Social Change through Sustainability and Public Art

After earning my MFA in Fine Art from CCA, I felt my work focus shift toward the idea of combining art, design, and commerce to build community and bring social change.

Wavy Matter is a new and still-evolving online concept store and brand started in November 2018. I’m working on updating the site to reflect more art content, and am looking forward to distributing some public art funds later this year!

I started my first brand in my late 20s. FluffyCo was built around values of sustainability and local production, while sharing a positive and inclusive point of view and aesthetic. Wavy Matter builds on this foundation but expands to include the idea that “people and art and change the world” by providing an unexpected way for online shoppers to encounter art, feel empowered to make change, and directly support art for the people. It is my hope that through these encounters, my audience will radicalize towards creative and inclusive thinking that may help us all build a stronger and more empathic coalition to serve the needs of families, working people, and disefranchised individuals in the context of late capitalist culture.

As a brand, Wavy Matter produces a line of wearable, sophisticated basics for women. The store also carries products and clothing by other small independent designers who are committed to values-based business practices and domestic or fair-trade production. Wavy Matter is expanding to sell fine-art prints, limited edition art objects, and other related materials. 

A portion of each sale from the Wavy Matter website goes to support public art in the Bay Area. 

Current project

Creative direction, photography, identity, packaging, product and apparel design


I include limited-edition prints with each online order. Here are some examlpes of creative direction for photography,  fashion design, and some print collateral and experimentation

Images below:
1. A risograph print 2. sketches for appliqué 
capes 3. Limited-edition kimono jacket  for which I designed print and pattern