Feral Fabric
Textile workshops and Online Journal

Feral Fabric is the collaborative project of Bay Area artists Paulina Berczynski and Amanda Walters. It is a platform for highlighting radical textile production in art, activism, and countercultural movements. We bring forward ideas, conversations, workshops, and classes that combine our interests in textiles, contemporary art, and personal and cultural transformation. We have led pop-up banner workshops at marches and parades, and backpatch workshops at BAMPFA and NIAD Art Center. We are currently working on a commission for Berkeley Art Center and an ongoing project making story quilts with un-housed people and communities in the Bay Area. 

Feral Fabric also publishes an online journal related to radical textile production. Our contributors are artists, writers, and activists sharing their unique perspectives on topics that have ranged from radical moms to the history of Tibetan rug making, to Ruth Beder Ginsburg's coded neckscarf choices.

︎︎︎ www.FeralFabric.com